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Mysmile Orthodontics at 1/565 Kingsway in Miranda, NSW

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1/565 Kingsway,
Miranda, NSW
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Phone: +61 2 9540 5888


Types: Dentist

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Today: 08:00 am — 05:00 pm

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    Rolf Schimann is the most unprofessional orthodontist I have had the experience of dealing with. He has left me with a mouth that is unable to close and severe tinnitus due to his treatments. I have seen other specialists who have openly stated his treatment is unacceptable. When asked about the problems Rolf Schimann becomes defensive and literally asked me “what does he want me to do” when he is meant to be the specialist. Under no circumstances do I recommend his practice and though some of the staff are nice and even sympathetic, he himself will not respond well to problems caused by his treatment. I am now in the process of being ignored by this man while suffering from the treatment he has given me. I recently received a letter suggesting to come in to “monitor the final phase of my orthodontic treatment” when I’ve been left with terrible work with the inability to close my mouth properly and severe tinnitus from this man’s work. Stay away at all costs, he’s only interested in your money and it’s a very expensive problem to pay for. Update 11/17/2016 Dr Schimann has replied and blatantly lied about my treatment. I haven't been able to close my mouth properly since February 2015 (my teeth don't meet.) On 30/3/15 I complained about this in writing. At the time he acknowledged the problem but never completely rectified it, instead insisting after the final treatment that the teeth would "settle". As of 16/10/2016 He won't even acknowledge there was a problem with my teeth not meeting. Rolf stated in reply to a set of emails about my back teeth still not meeting that "recently you have expressed that I feel that you also feel that your back teeth are not meeting properly". Ignoring the problem and making a claim that I haven't expressed this issue until recently? Rolf is either totally dishonest or he has no idea what he's doing. I have 2 emails from earlier in 2015 stating my teeth don't meet and further emails since... Just by looking at my teeth you can see my bite doesn't meet.
    Brendan Jarvis
    April 28, 2017
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